Tuesday, January 19, 2010

El Borne, Spain

This picture captures the beautiful bold color of a layered chiffon dress with boldly matched violet heels.Vibrant Spanish colors, accessories, print.
I was with a close friend of mine visiting Barcelona. This neighborhood called El Borne, and the chruch you can see behind is Santa Maria Del Mar Church. It was our all time favorite place to hang out. It has quaint high fashion stores along with the nouveau lines of innovative recycled sling bags with mostly bold pop art prints. The style of these bags reminded me very closely of Andy Warhol 'sprints.


Rohan said...

Very colorful outfit - what's with everyone wearing these lavender/purple shoes?! Quite like them though. I've always hand a thing for lavender :) Wasn't this just outside the government building near where you were staying?

Internationalmode said...

yes .

ree said...

so so so pretty...i like!